The Divine Twins (2008)

The Divine Twins of the Feri Tradition embody every possible duality and yet together form a unity: the coming-together of seeming oppositions into wholeness. 

The Bird Twin, “the Great Above”, conjoins with the Snake Twin, “the Great Below”, embracing in a sea of stars that evokes their Mother and Lover, the Star Goddess. As two candle wicks join to make a single flame, so appears the single aureole above their heads. 

Heaven Current flows downwards to meet Earth Current moving upwards: the Bird touches the Snake on and within the holy mountain peak.

This meeting of opposites sparks conflict, which evolves into passionate union: from their merging arises the Winged Serpent, the Peacock Angel, the Morning Star of God-embodied Selfhood, the Godself awakened in humanity.

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