The Dreamer in the Land (2022)

Within the Earth’s heart sleeps an androgynous angelic being of stellar origin, spinning out from its dreams the forms of all life on the planet. All living creatures are generated from the mingling of this being’s stellar light with the substance of the Earth. They are shown here as glowing prototypes, templates of various life-forms, emerging from the Dreaming onto the surface of the land. 

My Dreamer was inspired by the faery lore writings of R. J. Stewart and Orion Foxwood, who go on to say that when all creatural life on this world — human, animal, and faery— is awakened together in unity, then will the Sleeper awaken also and the Earth itself shine like a star. The Dreamer in the Land is mirrored within each of us as the “Child of Promise,” the God-Self within. “This Child, like its parent the Dreamer, contains our purpose for being,” fueling our spiritual quest, driving us to seek for answers. (Foxwood)

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