Dunizel (1992)

My interpretation of a character created by author Tanith Lee, Dunizel (“Soul-of-the-Moon”) represents the Christos in a female avatar. She was formed before birth in the light of a star, in a generous outpouring of heavenly virtue that transmuted her mother utterly, into an angel of fire. 

Dunizel’s destiny was to fall in love with Wickedness, the Prince of Demons, and in their story, I have for many years read an allegory of the deepest relationship between Good and Evil. Though their time together was brief, it worked in him an everlasting change, and for her a purpose lasting far beyond death.

Long ago, during one visionary summer of enchantment, I immersed myself so deeply in their story that I came to inhabit it, like a present spectator; in this deep dream I approached the living holy maiden, and felt in her aura a darshan— a catalytic blessing, in which I tasted the inner peace of a Christed one.

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