Only mystery enables us to live, only mystery.

Federico García-Lorca

Although I have been involved in Pagan ritual/theatre events since the early 1990s, it wasn’t until 2009 that I started keeping an archive of images of public ritual work. These are from rituals where I wrote and directed, or co-produced with someone else, or did face/body makeup on celebrants– or some combination of these.

Note: protocol forbids taking pictures or video during the actual ritual, so these images are usually re-creations taken after the event with the ritual site as it was, or in some cases as preparatory images beforehand.

Beltane 2009

Oimelc 2010

Beltane 2010

Samhain 2010

Oimelc 2011

Beltane 2011

Lamasu 2011

Samhain 2011

Sabbat 2013