Passage: The Gift of Death (2022)

Here I began by combining a rib cage viewed obliquely with an oblique glance from an intersected couple; only after I added the cords of vines, and fiery tendrils of leaves, and the mysterious taproot, did I sense a fae connection between Love and Death in this composition.

I kenned that these were faery lovers about to dare a dangerous journey out of their world into the condition of mortality, by passage through incarnation: “the gift of death.”  

According to Anja, a faery seer friend, many Fae are capable of changing form and are virtually immortal, but have only one body and one chance at life. “Yet we grow. We heal. We die. We are re-born.” For humans, death brings rebirth: immortality through growth and change.  Trying to become human is fraught with risk for beings of another order, but there is temptation in that very condition.

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