Brigid (1991)

  “Bríd is come, Bríd is welcome….  (Welcome, Bríd!) 

Oh, Bríd is come, Bríd is welcome…..”

How beautiful is Brigid (Bríd) , who came to us singing, many years ago, in the first and most moving Drawing Down of the Goddess I  have yet seen. She sang of Goddess-Fire in the void of Space, shaping the universe, and  ever-brightening in each of us, in the renewing of the Sun, the lighting of candles, and the kindling of the fire of inspiration. 

Brigid the Bride, “Fiery Dart,” “Bright Arrow,” marries each of us to our true Vocation and sends forth blessings, creativity, perseverance, and radiant joy. Fine thought and speech, crafts and smithwork, healing and husbandry, and other acts of creation and service are rendered not only worthy but delightful when Brigid stands beside us.  

She has answered my own prayers for Brilliance more times than I can count, outpouring luminous inspiration (Awen)  like living sparks from Herself, like the ever-flowing waters of Her holy well.

“Bríd, excellent woman, sudden flame

 May the bright fiery sun take us to the lasting kingdom!”

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