Dian-Y-Glas (2006)

The God of Dreams, Imagination, Sensuality, Youth, Passion, Spring– He is the First Born child of the Great Mother and is fully invested with feminine as well as masculine potency. He is one of the Divine Twins of the Feri tradition and is of the same neter/nature as Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel. 

I believe that He is as primordial a male deity as the Green God, or the Hunter– our ancestors knew Him as the Bird Spirit: the patron of the Other World; he signifies the human spirit essence as well. 

He is the blue color of turquoise, of summer skies, of deep cobalt evenings, of lapis lazuli, of the eye of the peacock–vivid, vivifying, and inspiring– the Bright Wind moving through the darkness of Space; the firmament that holds the stars and the rainbow.

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