Solstice Stag (2015)

The God wears many faces as the Lightbringer; here He is the White Stag, the “Bright Champion” invigorating the promise of the waxing Sun at Winter Solstice dawn. The Stag Who Bears Flames in His Tines brings fire from heaven, to warm and light the earth in winter. 

Because of the vegetative speed with which antlers grow, the Stag can be seen as the incarnation of the Red (Animal) aspect of the God which is most like His Green (Plant) self; thus the lights He bears in His tines beget the lights that adorn the World Tree, and so our Yule trees.

Leaping across the winter sky, He rides the Aurora, casting multi-colored light in His wake, seeds of light and life renewed. As the Stag’s seed quickens the promise of fawns in the spring, so the God’s radiance kindles renewed vigor, hope, strength and beauty, in the dormant deep of winter.

Boy Stag of Wonder

Boy stag of wonder

(horns of a thousand 

branches and knops

a thousand bright candles)

bears in his antlers

the light of the sun

on his brow a star

on his breast the moon

courses the banks of the shining 

heavenly Danube 

blue stag, bearer of news

what news?

Hungarian Christmas Carol

Translation © 2010 Steven W. Posch (used by permission)

[note: “knops” = small, ornamental knobs]

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