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My profile contains more personal material and photos,  as well as links to people and groups of interest. Previews of upcoming material and events will be shown here. A good place to find out more about me in general.
Calling itself a “Zocalo” (from the “main square”/town plaza of a Mexican city) “of Art and Culture,” and located about 26 miles south of Carmel, CA  on HWY 1 in Big Sur, Big Sur Spirit Garden “offers world class visual and performance art, multi-cultural educational programs, exotic plants, and gifts in a magical sculpture and botanical garden....” It’s a laid-back and creatively nurturing spot hosting “a community vibe to chill, relax and get to know the Big Sur lifestyle, with an incredible calendar of events thoughout the year.” All true:  Jayson Fann and his partner Corey Costanzo have created an enchanted oasis; a place for magical people to come and have their magic fed.  Jayson’s experience as an artist, and his past experience as art director for the Esalen Institute and director of its annual Arts Festival, is being applied to grand collaborations on a personal to international scale of vision.
More about my personal experience in "Making a Spectacle of Myself". Created by the band Woodland and graced by the art and presence of Brian, Wendy, and Toby Froud, this festival graces the Pacific Northwest every year at Midsummer/Lugnasadh.
My only fear is that this website will not give you the full taste of how genuinely fabulous and inspiring this festival is. It started in 1969 as a Ren Faire and mutated into one of the longest enduring and best organized outposts of glorious, life-affirming and inclusive celebration I have ever attended. I give it six out of five stars; I can't praise it highly enough.
The homepage for Astrodienst, the world's best and most complete source for free online horoscopes. You won't believe how much you can do on this site, including esoteric forms of synastry and chart comparison, and astro-cartography with transits, even!
Online, free Aztec horocopes
Free Aztec and Mayan horoscopes
The best new and used multi-site book search I've ever found, period. Shows prices and shipping, provides hot links, eBay updates, connections with lesser known sellers, AND can be a way of tracking down books/ISBNs with very little info. I have found many books from my past at unbelievable rates here. It also gives me a sense of how much my rarer books are worth at any given time.
The official website for all matters pertaining to the His Dark Materials  trilogy by Philip Pullman (or the "Lyra stories" as I call them); including the latest updates on the movie. If you click on the "Encyclopedia" page you can access an online version of the Alethiometer!
Storm Constantine's infamous Wraeththu as interpreted by live models, and more!
A woman after my own heart: the Peacock Goddess. Magnificence is All!--no expense was spared! (Eat your hearts out, Madonna and Cher!)
Originally published by Heavy Metal magazine in the 1980s, "Texarcana" blent fantasy, horror, occultism, and excellent storytelling into a "Wild, Weird West" mise en scene. Four exquisitely drawn stories by John Findley, now online.
Want a phrase or sentence translated from Abhazian to Zuni-- for free? The most comprehensive free language to language translator I've yet found.
At last! A tasty substitute for human flesh that smells, tastes, and cooks just like the real thing! Perfect for those low-cholesterol diets. "Bet ya can't have just one!"
It's hard to say which is more compelling-- the photos from the various "Ritual Theatre" performances of this group or the gorgeous "Fae Auris" elf-ear designed jewelry on their site. Check it all out if you are interested in fantasy made real and spiritual play.
At last! High tech platform shoes for sex workers on the street inspired by the sandals of the ancient Hellenic hetairai, that left footprints reading "Follow Me"-- these are "6-inch, silver leather sandals with built-in video and GPS technology that link the wearer to emergency services and an online community network. These design elements combine the rich mythology of Aphrodite with the concerns of sex workers on the streets: safety, advertising/promotion, and community." Be sure to check out the Background Research in the Antiquity link to find out the context of this modern innovation!
In spite of the missionary-sounding name, "Prayers for Children" is an online publication devoted to Queer Art of all media, "with uncompromising aesthetics" involving nudity, sexual content, and adult themes, in which my artist friend Leslie Lowe neé Veronica Powers is featured. Intended for an 18+ audience, this collection of NYC based photography, visual arts, and writings really pushes the envelope in self-expression. I was very impressed with both the risks taken and the high level of execution in many of the artists featured.