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Tonya Kay, professional dancer, raw vegan athlete, and occasional superhero. A woman to be reckoned with: in touch with both her inner pixie and her inner amazon!
Beth Hansen-Buth, mystical fantasy art. She paints beautiful faeries, Goddesses, and more. Lovers of visionary male imagery  must check out her "Summer Oak".
Pagan writer, occult lit critic, and rabble rouser. A penetrating observer of realities, ordinary and non.
Musician (percussionist) and visionary. Plays with several groups, two of which have used images of mine for album covers (Ancestor Energy and Mojo Roots.)
Melinda Small Paterson/"Smallworks". Cloth and porcelain dolls: faeries, dragons, folklore and more. She also creates wearable art and Faerie Dust.
Nancy is a wise and imaginative artist who creates visionary paintings that she calls "psychological portraits". Her sensibility is wry and her images dreamlike and lush.
Paintings by Krista Lynn Brown-- beautiful images of women and natural forces rendered in magical and stylized patterns and environments.
The visionary art of my friend and sister of my soul, Rivette Marchand-Hill-- a fellow traveller in the regions of wonder.
In addition to being the founder of Magus Books in Minneapolis and an author of unique works of magickal theory, Roger Williamson paints images with pastels and oils,  inspired by Egyptian, tarot and visionary themes.
Features the sensual photography of women by Jay GreenMan, one of the new owners of Goddess Gallery in Portland, OR. Jay presents intimate and empowered portraits of real women in their natural beauty and allure.
Handcrafted jewelry by Brenda Senechal, one of my favorite models. She is the Celestial Faery in  my  "Sacred Heart of Faerie" painting, "Angel with Veils" in the Camera Paintings gallery, and is the "Faerie Madonna" in the Camera Paintings 2004 Gallery.
I met Kyer Wiltshire in his capacity as an offical photographer for Faerieworlds 2006, on the day I put on my "Duke Aubrey" look. (See "Making a Spectacle of Myself" ) I was hoping to attract a professional's attention, but when Kyer showed me his portfolios I was truly honored to become a subject for him. His ability to capture both movement and magic is outstanding.
Pixie by name and “pixie” her laugh-- Pixie is a fellow Cancer (the sign with the best laugh) and part of the thrill of working with her is hearing  her nearly-orgasmic giggle when a spontaneous moment comes out especially well in a shoot. An official photographer for Faerieworlds and a bona fide chameleon herself, Pixie whisked me away to a secret garden “between the worlds” to capture a new part of my “Blue Man” persona. Her photographic style combines sensuality, emotion, and spontaneity, which can not only be seen in her work but in reading her online bio.
I worship this woman! Unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago so my chance to meet her will have to wait until we are both "between the worlds". She was one of the most beautiful free spirits and visionary artists to have graced our Earth. I am fortunate to posses a rare copy of her only published monograph. Her trademark arabesque style, especially in tattoos and face painting, has influenced my own self-presentation. She was featured in the movies Vali: The Witch of Positano (1965) and in films produced by her good friend Ruth Cullen.

Provides directions to see the photos of Matthew Scherfenberg. Truly amazing! (He is the photographer who who captured my "Painted Angel" look in 2004. I understand my body painting gave him the idea for his "black lite" sessions.)
Originally from Bangladesh,  jewelry artist Shamsia Mahmud, known as Shama ("sunshine") designs beautiful  jewelry incorporating 21K and 22K gold, gemstones, and pearls. She has a background in fashion, costume design, painting,  theater and photography, which are combined with an Eastern andWestern fusion of sensibilities. Much of her art is inspired by powerful emotional events and connections,  explained on her webpage.  Of particular interest to discriminating collectors is her capacity to not only create original custom jewelry but also  to source genuine gold components from Bangladesh,  made to her specific designs.  Contact Shama through her page for more information.
I discovered this kindred spirit though Myspace; one look at his beautiful visionary work will show you how much we have in common (we’re even close to the same age). Both of us do metaphysically oriented figurative paintings: Philip incorporates scroll forms and arabesques in his images as I do, and he too has a decided Eastern influence. His pictures express beauty and inner power in the male form: images of the Sacred Masculine that set aside the armor of belligerence for a communion both mystical and erotic. (My collectors often tell me how hard it is to find masculine imagery that combines these qualities with technical skill: prepare to be enchanted with Philip’s work.)
Evolving out of a multiplicity of interests from psychology to shamanism to queer  agitprop, Uncle Barbie is the alter ego of my friend (and model; see “Camera Paintings: 2000-2004”) Mark, through which he presents an edgy, funny and decidedly queer advice column/traveling reality show,  whose purpose is “comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable.” His perspective:  “As an advice columnist, it really isn’t my job to save souls; I’m just here to help people feel better about going to HELL.” Uncle Barbie pushes buttons; he pushes the envelope; but you’ll never catch him pushing up daisies. Questions for his column (based in MN but looking to expand) are welcomed.
Steven Wesley Posch is a legendary figure in Pagan Minnesota, and now his fame is starting to spread across the country and over "the Pond" to the UK. Storyteller, poet, ritualist, he is also a dancer, culture-maker and "standing-stone" of the Twin Cities Pagan community, known across the world as Paganistan-- a word Steve himself coined in 1985. This dual-city area in Minnesota where two rivers meet, supports one of the largest and most diverse Pagan populations in this entire country. I have known Steven for over 23 years now; the first time I saw him was back in April 1986 on Minneapolis local TV, as one of three people being interviewed about modern Witchcraft. Fast forward six months and he was one of the circle giving me my first degree initiation into Wicca and the public Pagan scene in general. Over the years I have had many occasions to be inspired by his ideas and art, and the carefully nurtured results of his studies and cultural explorations. Rituals Steven designed have directly influenced my art-- for instance, my painting of "Brigid" germinated from my experience with his public ritual for Candlemas (Imbolc) in 1988. His audio CD, Radio Paganistan, presents several original stories with a unique regional emphasis. Visit his website and upcoming Witchvox listings for more information, including other publications.
M. Macha NightMare, a priestess and witch, is an author, teacher and ritualist, with a penchant for collaboration. An initiate, and among the founders of, Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft, as well as Faery/Feri Tradition, Macha holds Elder and ministerial credentials through The Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), the oldest and largest non denominational organization of Witches in the USA. A member since 1981, she is a former National First Officer and has served the Covenant in many other capacities. She also is an ordained minister of the Communitarian Church in Vermont.

NightMare is also a participating member of The Biodiversity Project Spirituality Working Group; the Sacred Dying Foundation; the Marin Interfaith Council; the Ord Brighideach; and the Nature Religion Scholars Network. Her matron is Kali Ma. Her magical practice is inspired by feminism and a concern for the health of our planet, and is informed by Celtic, Hindu and Tibetan practices, the sacred art of Tantra, and the magic of enchantment. When the opportunity presents itself, Macha travels the "broomstick circuit" of neopagan gatherings, where she enjoys immersing herself in the diverse community of American Witchcraft. Her writing has appeared in many periodicals, and she has frequently spoken on behalf of the Craft in electronic and print media, and at colleges and universities. She currently teaches at Cherry Hill Seminary, and online Pagan seminary based in Columbia, South Carolina.
Carol Phillips is a Fantasy Artist from portland, oregon who specializes in Fantasy Fine art and Illustration. She works in many mediums including but not limited to: Soft Pastel, Acrylic, oil, colored pencil; and is currently accepting Freelance Illustration , and Private Commission projects.