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Camera Paintings: 2004

ME/"Erotic Angels" (March 2004)

Pictures from my first incarnation of the "Painted Angel." For more description see Making a Spectacle of Myself.

ME/"Painted Angel" (June 2004)

Photographer Matthew Scherfenberg , who was one of the artists featured in "Erotic Angels," was so taken by this look that he instigated a session in his studio. For this incarnation, the wings came off and the makeup became more elaborate; I also added hand-painted talons which enhanced that sense of elegant menace. (They were painfully tight to wear; between takes I had to pull them off to rest my fingers.)

BRENDA/"The Faerie Madonna" (June 2004)

Brenda asked me to paint her for a special ritual solo dance ritual that marked a powerful healing transition in her life. We were so pressed for time on the day of the event that instead of carefully patting on the base alabaster and lavender makeup I wound up virtually "finger-painting" it on before tracing the filigree lines in violet gold, assisted by her friend Shama. This turned out to accentuate the otherworldly quality of her makeup in the photographs: the one I call "The Faerie Madonna" is one of my favorite images I have ever taken... for me, it is supernal.

BRENDA/Female "Painted Angel" (July 2004)

So far the most elaborate makeup I have yet done. It took me and fellow artist Riawa Smith over 6 hours to paint Brenda from head to toe. I have included another shot I took of Brenda in ordinary makeup so that the full extent of the transformation can be appreciated. The photo session was over three hours long and Brenda found herself inhabiting the character in unexpected ways-- the ferocity and glamour and pathos of a "fallen" angel coming into being. (The first image in this gallery shows an "everyday" portrait so that the contrast can truly be appreciated.)

HENRY (July 2004)

Henry has had a great deal of experience as a photo model and enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with us. (My friends Riawa Smith and Brenda Senechal helped apply the paint.) My original inspiration for this session was the fresco of the so-called "Lily Prince" from the Palace of Knossos on Crete but the session evolved into a depiction of what seems to me to be a creature from a Wildean opera-- perhaps the spirit of Peacock Ore.

ME/Self-portraits (December 2003, July 2004, October 2004)

Examples of contrived/accidental multiple exposures mixed with digital effects, using myself as experimental subject.

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