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Camera Paintings: 2000-2004

 ME/ "Gods and Men" (June 2000)

My first solo art show in New Orleans was also my first "Blue God" persona: blue and white creme-based makeup painted in several layers, with accents of black, red, and gold. For more description see Making a Spectacle of Myself.

DANTELL (February 2002)

 I saw something exotic and rare and anachronistic in her appearance, which evoked for me Oscar Wilde's Salóme or Gustave Flaubert's  Salammbô.

MELISSA (August 2003)

From the first I saw in her a powerful resemblance to Elizabeth Siddal, the model, mistress and later wife of the Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Rossetti, especially in such works as The Blessed Damozel.  The Pre-Raphaelite look transformed into something Edwardian, evoking Isadora Duncan, when I put her hair up.

ZEALOT (October 2003)

We met at a pagan conference; he was game. I thought he has a fascinating face. especially when painted blue.

MARK (December 2003)

A naturally expressive performer, he "got into character" faster than anyone I've worked with yet, and began early on to evolve poses and attitudes based on how his fey, djinnlike persona was feeling.

CARA (2003-2004)

Cara is a virile woman fully in touch with her female self, her male self, and her inner child! As a model she is playful and willing to experiment, and she registers a forceful impact in her images.

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