As a small child I shared my visions by making pictures. That act of magic still sustains me.

When still very young I dreamed of a White Stag that took me to a moonlit grove, wild and rambling, filled with Gods' names. Not the "Names of God" but the names of the Gods and Goddesses of the world. To stand anywhere in that holy place was to feel each Divine personality completely. All were there, every divinity the human world had ever known, and the Stag of the Moon leading me on and on... even then I knew my task was to bring that magic back to this world, somehow, through making images.

        I walked between worlds even before I learned to talk, immersed in a pageant of transformations through dreams and visions, making art to hold on to this non-ordinary reality. The scent of wonder guides my journey and the vivid magic of the spirit inspires my art. As I explore the body-in-dream-- the human body and its inner world-- I see beauty and joy; I see the night-side of human nature; the journeys of awakening, the unfolding of the god-self. Over the years I have taught myself almost all of what I know: the materials of my art speak secrets to me as I engage with them. How can tinted substances evoke energy, or the non-material?  Vivid colors interplaying take on qualities of iridescence, and scattered light. Paint can do this - it amazes me.

         I paint in acrylic and occasionally in other water-based media and in oils. I draw in pen, pencil, and mixed media. Other experiences involve creating theatrical backdrops, murals, collage, sign painting, mask-making in clay and paper-mache, silk painting, costuming, and elaborate face and body paintings.  In 1997 my art was featured in a mixed-media collaboration by the performance group Body Prayers at the Merrymeet festival. Lately, I have played with fusing these last techniques into a new  exploration with photography (see the “Camera Paintings”  and “Making a Spectacle of Myself”  galleries.) In 2006, 2007, and 2009, my "Blue Man" persona extended the boundaries at the Faerieworlds Festival in Oregon.

            Since 1994, I have traveled over the U.S. to sell my work in gallery, retail, and alternative venues, conventions and festivals, and private sales around the country. My images have been featured on and in magazines such as Green Egg, Hecate’s Loom, Mezlim, Psychedelic Illuminations, Tapestry Journal, and Reclaiming Quarterly.  In recent years my exposure has grown to include Spellcraft, Witch Eye, Faerie Nation Magazine, and the Green Egg Omelette anthology. I’ve provided work for card games, logos, T-shirts, brochures, and CD album covers: Ancestor Energy and Mojo Roots: “Prakriti’s Kiss.” Shrines, altars and installations have incorporated my work in both public and private rites and performances. I have also organized, produced and curated group performance/art shows based on original themes of my own, such as “Erotic Angels”-- presented March 2004 in Minneapolis (see “Making a Spectacle of Myself” for more description.)

             “Paul B. Rucker combines myths, visions, and dreams with images from the natural world to produce paintings that nearly leap off the canvas with movement and energy,...  Figures are outlined in light, suggesting their auras, leaves sprout from their heads and bodies, and flames leap from their brows... Viewers seeing Rucker’s work for the first and subsequent times are frequently struck by the feeling that here are scenes and figures that have always existed in their dreams and memories but that they never saw clearly before. The suggestive depths of his images remain fresh with familiarity and continue to evoke reveries and fleeting visions.”  (James A. Runnels)